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What Did I Learn: First Two Weeks

Two weeks are through and the Denver Broncos sit all alone at the top of the AFC West. After two weeks, I wanted to look back and learn a couple things from the two previous games. I try to gather as much knowledge as I can from each snap, possession, opportunity or play, hopefully to further improve my view on the team and the quality of these articles. Hopefully you learn something too.

What did I learn? Well. Let’s say, I learned a lot.

  • Von Miller is a transcendent player and approaching ‘franchise history’ good.


This guy is simply nuts. An elite combo of size, speed, strength and pursuit skills, Miller hunts the QB down like nobody I’ve ever watched live and has a knack for turning on the lights when the team needs him the most. He is already on the Mt. Rushmore of greatest defensive players in Broncos history.

  • CJ Anderson may be everything to the Broncos offense this season.

For the Broncos to be successful with Gary Kubiak’s offense, they will need CJ Anderson to be even bigger than he’s ever been, all year long. He was crucial in the Carolina game and even more important against Indy.


I’d say, so far, so good.

  • The Broncos have minor flaws in special teams…

This is hands down the worst unit of the three for the Broncos, but make no mistake. It’s not a terrible unit by any means. Kicker Brandon McManus has had what seems like a cloud hovering over him from camp on. He did miss his first kick this year against Indianapolis, however remains 4/5  on the year. Bronco fans hope he’s beginning to jive and find chemistry with his new holder, Riley Dixon, which is always one of the more interesting football relationships on and off the field between kicker and holder.

As for Dixon, he’s passed a majority of his tests. . .for now. A shaky punt in a crucial position gave Carolina great field position, however it didn’t come back to bite Denver. Dixon only punted twice, for a net of 39 yards. It will be crucial for the Broncos to flip field positions in crucial moments and Dixon needs to prove to the team that the money they saved in cutting Britton Colquitt and spending a 7th round pick on him, was worth it.

The return game is far from exciting… Assuming you even get to see a return. They’re just about as rare as a unicorn here in the mile high altitude.

  • Bronco fans are way too spoiled AND overreactive.

This team is 2-0.

No, we don’t need to see Paxton Lynch. No, this team doesn’t deserve your constant negative criticism.

Are these wins going to be sexy? No. Are they winning? You bet. That’s all that matters.

Would I like to see Trevor Siemian air the ball out? Sure, just like the next guy. But what’s playing out, is working. Why fix it if it’s not broke? Future tough road challenges loom and will really test the Broncos and Siemian. Until otherwise de-railed, RELAX and enjoy the 2-0 start. You’re too spoiled Bronco fans, relax and enjoy the times. It’s lonely at the top of the AFC West.

  • The Fullback is back in Denver and it’s great.

Andy Janovich has been excellent to watch and because #18 doesn’t run the show anymore. This allows for the power and versatility of what I think is the most underrated position in football to return to the friendly confines of the 5280. Pass blocking and picking up those delayed creative blitzes, has bought Siemian key seconds to find open guys. Janovich’s glory run against the Panthers was certainly fun to watch, but his value remains in the gritty, gutty blocking and protection game.


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