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The NFL’s Best Brains

A topic that arose this week on the radio show was all about the brains in the NFL. Who are the best NFL head coaches in the game right now?

Obviously names that came to mind were Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Broncos brain Gary Kubiak, new upstart head coach Doug Pederson and more.

Because of the popularity of the topic, I thought I’d turn to Twitter and get some votes.

It’s pretty apparent who #1 is. Hoodie McGeniusface (unconfirmed real name) has been the mastermind behind the Patriots masterful success for years and yet, somehow, this year has quickly become one of his better coaching jobs. 

No Brady. No Gronk. No Garropollo. No Ninkovich. No Solder. No problem as the Patriots fly into week 4 a perfect 3-0. 

When coaches have to face unplanned adversity, is when I’m most impressed. This is why I put Belichick at #1 (reasons above) and Minnesota Vikings HC Mike Zimmer #2.

We’re talking about a head coach that lost his starting quarterback, starting running back, is the mind behind a defense that may be the best in the league (yes, maybe even better than Denver’s) and winning with a quarterback that most found washed up, brittle and toast.

By the way, Minnesota went into Carolina and took down the Panthers, beat up on the Packers and dismantled the Titans. Not bad when 2 of the 3 teams you beat to start 3-0, are pretty damn good ball clubs.

Doug Pederson in Philadelphia that received a lot of ‘mention’ votes, because I simply ran out of ‘options’ on the Twitter vote (by the way-Why doesn’t Twitter allow more than four options? Get your stuff together Twitter!)

I really like what Pederson has done. Piloting a rookie quarterback and a great defense to a solid 3-0 start. I want to see more from him and the Eagles, as 3 games is just too small a sample size to consider you ‘one of the best’ after, but he has done some impressive things so far and Philly fans should be very impressed.

Gary Kubiak is 18-4 as head coach of the Broncos, with a ring. Mull over that for a bit. 

I’d put Pete Carroll a little higher on this list if he just gave the ball to Marshawn Lynch..

Before AFC North fans come banging down my Twitter. Yes, I will make mention of Mike Tomlin, as well as John Harbaugh, who made my top five list sitting at five.

What does your top five list of NFL head coaches look like? React on Twitter and via comments below. Your comment may be featured on a future podcast or radio show. @RonnieKRadio


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