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Chill Out, Denver

This football team is 2-0. Repeat after me.

This football team is 2-0.

The Denver Broncos head to Cincinnati undefeated, yet you’d think this team was defeated after listening to local radio. I took callers who couldn’t WAIT to talk about Paxton Lynch this and Paxton Lynch that and when we should be looking to yank starting QB Trevor Siemian.


One more time. This team is 2-0.


The frustration boils down to impatience. Fans don’t know what they want. This team is 2-0. Why fix it if it’s not broke?

This is a team in the offseason that was searching for a QB that could do just enough, to keep the ship straight. Not anyone who would light the defense up. A game manager.

They have one right now in Trevor Siemian.

This is a team in the offseason that was searching for a QB for the future. A QB they could develop for the future and not get immediately thrusted into the starting spot. The Broncos Aaron Rodgers if you would, franchise man in the making.

They have one right now in Paxton Lynch.

Why is the mindset that Lynch could come in, with no consequence whatsoever? What does Denver do when they thrust Lynch into the system and it doesn’t pan out? Kill his confidence? Ruin the future?

Right now, this team is putting gravy on the potatoes with Siemian right now, winning while sitting Lynch. I said it earlier in the season and I stay true to it. Lynch needs to sit for if not, the entirety of the season. Watching him in camp, he’s not ready. In his defense, he’s had a full month of progress to further his skills and knowledge, but I don’t expect anyone in the NFL to pick up an entire playbook and learn it’s majority in a month.

This team is 2-0 and flying high into Cincinnati. While this appears like the first serious test for Siemian because it’s a road game, keep this in mind. Cincinnati is 0-6 dating back to week 10 of last year against teams that made the playoffs last year. They’re 0-3 in those same games.

I have the full confidence in this team heading into Cincy. Andy Dalton is proven to be shaky in big games and this is a big one. Staring a 1-2 start in the face, in a division where the Ravens are improved and the Steelers are firing on all cylinders. A loss would be devastating for the Bengals.

Until this team begins to clearly fall apart. It’s time to put the Paxton Lynch talk to rest. They’ve already proven they can run with some of the best in the NFL. This team is 2-0. Sure, it’s ugly, dull, boring, slow and not the Peyton Manning era you all are familiar with.

But the team does have one thing in common. Wins.

Chill, pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.


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