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Can The Nuggets, Win Denver Back?

59%. 75%. 58%.

Those three numbers represent the percentage full for the Pepsi Center, the place where the Nuggets call home, over the past three home games. Attendance has been called into question by the players over the last couple weeks and they’ve been wanting their fans, to come by ‘the can’ and cheer them on.

On Saturday, the crowd came and the Nuggets performed.

84% capacity for the Pepsi Center tonight saw the Nuggets pound the injury riddled LA Clippers 123-94. It certainly wasn’t a full strength LA team now dealing with the loss of both their star players.

Regardless, it was monumental for this team to perform well, against a solid coached team, in-front of a big crowd. If baby steps was where you’d think we’d start when it comes to reinforcing the intense love between the Nuggets and the city, this was a full on jump in the right direction.

The Nuggets held good control of the game for much of the entire game. They played suffocating defense, shot very well and even noticed the crowd energy, as forward Danilo Galinari pointed out in his postgame speech to the crowd. You could tell he was having fun and even started one more “Let’s Go Nuggets” chant to send the fans home.

This Nuggets team needed this badly. The confidence of knowing that they’re in the drivers seat for a playoff spot, albeit the 8th seed in the playoffs, but that the crowd is paying attention and behind them, seems to keep their spirits up and tenacity high.

Now at 6 games under .500, I’m not saying you should go nuts and pulsate with excitement for the Nuggets. They still have a long way to go. But what I am saying is that the Nuggets are trying to win you back. Give them a chance.

Sure, they started 2-5. Sure, their defense is still suspect. You can even bring up the idea that maybe coach Malone isn’t getting the best out of these players. But even in the face of one chaotic as hell first half of the season. They’re beginning to click.

Nikola Jokic has been on an absolute tear, averaging 24.9 points per game, 11.1 rebounds a game and nearly five assists per game for the month of January. He’s dropped a double-double in 7 of 8 games and this is all after shooting 61%. Jokic added his on Saturday night, scoring 19, grabbing 10 bounds in only 21 minutes on 8-11 shooting.

Denver has found themselves a star in Jokic, out of the second round. A diamond in the rough that they need to build around. A big time talent to add to Jokic as the deadline nears would be huge.

If the Nuggets win. Crowds will come. This is pretty obvious, but maybe the Nuggets are beginning the process of winning the city back. The Nuggets post-George Karl haven’t won more than 36 games in a season or finish anything other than last in their division. This certainly has soured the taste of fans that are craving their basketball.

Successful basketball back in Denver? Boy would that be nice. With the Broncos staring at rebuild or ‘reboot’ as new head coach Vance Joseph says, the sports stage in Denver is there for the taking.

Are they busting the door down? Absolutely not. But you have to start somewhere. I like where they’re headed, even if it does mean a first round whipping at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.


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