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All The Eggs, In The Paxton Lynch Basket

The Denver Broncos are in full on offseason mode with many questions, particularly at QB. Chaotic for a team that for the next three weeks, is still the defending Super Bowl champion.

While I believe QB coach Gregg Knapp got absolutely the most he could’ve out of Trevor Siemian, most fans, who are already yelling at this article pointing out any sort of positivity with Trevor Siemian’s game, will tell you the Broncos need to move in a different direction. The Broncos parted ways with Gregg Knapp, head coach Gary Kubiak retired and a complete turnover began as Wade Phillips was not retained, leaving for LA. It’s clear it’s time for a new direction however at QB.

The names thrown out on Denver sports radio are worthy of stand-up comedy gold. Tony Romo. Phillip Rivers. Drew Brees. Go get him, go get that, go get this, oh my God, enough.

The Denver Broncos have all their eggs in one basket, whether you like it or not. Holding that basket, is former Memphis stand-out Paxton Lynch. The Broncos moved up in last year’s NFL draft for a reason. Paxton Lynch is the future.

Now many ask the question, why didn’t we see Paxton Lynch take this team over during the year? Well, it’s quite simple. He simply wasn’t ready.

I said this on-air the moment I saw Paxton Lynch in training camp with my eyeballs and they didn’t lie to me. He’s not ready.

Now fast-forward a year and after finishing a 9-7 season that included health problems for the head coach, shaky ground at QB, an offensive line that was terrible and that’s a compliment and ultimately, finishing outside of the playoffs, which bothered and rubbed GM/VP John Elway the worst.

Now that a year has past, it’s time. Unleashing Denver’s weapon they’ve been holding and simmering over a stove is a must next year. All their eggs are in Paxton Lynch’s basket and it’s time to run with him.

The Denver Broncos have hired OC Mike McCoy, bringing him back after a stint with the Chargers. They also brought in former Raiders OC Bill Musgraves to be QB coach.

Pulling these talents from division rivals was absolutely huge for Denver. One of the biggest complaints I had all last year and quite frankly, during the entire Kubiak era, was the play calling not molding around the talent you have. You can’t make apple pie with peaches. Mike McCoy has shown in the past that with a some non-high profile QB named Tim Tebow, he could mold his play calling and offense around him.

If you can do it with Tebow, you can do it with anyone.

The staff this year is arguably better and much more flexible. With some good pieces put around Lynch like a solid offensive line and running game. The Broncos may see Lynch flourish with the help of an upgraded staff.

They certainly better hope for it though, as all their eggs, are in the Paxton Lynch basket.


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